5-year-old Aneeshwar Kunchala has become a star in the UK by raising around ₹3.7 lakhs for COVID-19 relief work in India. 

In an interview given to The Times of India, he said, “I am happy to meet Andy and would like to do tons of challenges like these to help doctors and also fight against Covid-19”.

He started a campaign called ‘Little pedallers Aneesh and his friends’, where he cycled a distance of 3,200 kilometers along with his 60 other friends.

Before this, Aneesh had also come up with a cricket challenge to help the NHS workers in the UK.

To honour his efforts, MP Andy Carter from Warrington South paid the young guy a visit recently. After the meeting, he said:

I was so pleased to meet a young boy from Warrington who has taken it upon himself to raise funds for Covid-19 response. What a fantastic achievement.

Aneesh is going to meet MP Charlotte Nichols next and has already spoken about his campaign to British deputy high commissioner to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Andrew Fleming.

Aneesh was reportedly inspired by 100-year-old Sir Thomas Moore, who took 100 laps of his garden to raise around ₹40 million for the medics in the UK. 

This proves that no matter what the age, you can help people if you are determined to.