“Finding animals in distress is an everyday thing for me,” says 38-year-old Kamal Banger from Chennai, whose brain-child is an initiative called ‘Wagging Tails’, that provides 24×7 cab service for pets in Chennai.

The initiative was kicked off on Sunday by Kamala Banger(38) and Jayshree Ramesh(50). The cab service is currently active across Chennai with two cabs,  and they charge as per the distance and size of pets.

Here’s the Facebook post announcing the launch of the initiative:

“We have got a very good response till now; offered our service to 5 pet owners since Sunday,”said Banger to ScoopWhoop.

On being asked about this initiative, Jayshree said,” Last year, I found a profusely bleeding dog on the street while I was on my way to home during night time. It was a hard time getting a vehicle to carry the ailing dog to a hospital. That’s how I strongly felt about helping such pets in distress.”

The initiative is part of a bigger group named as ‘Hearty Paws’, that was founded in 2014. The group consists of 12 women, who are all animal rights activists, working towards the well being of animals in distress. The group also promotes adoption of animals.

b’Source: Hearty Paws/ Facebook’

The group is yet to get recognition as a NGO, but so far they have done a great job on multiple occasions, whenever there was a need to help pets.

“We only have to get ourselves more organized so that this initiative can be expanded in the future,” Jayshree adds.

Following are some of the pictures of recently transported dogs: