When you're living with a housemate, you'll notice certain things about them, certain tics in their behaviour that will inexplicably annoy you - that's just how living works. For some people however, the agony is much greater, and it forces them to go to great lengths to achieve some peace of mind.

A Melbourne man was fined for breaching their strict lockdown rules by sitting in his car around 5 km away from home. The reason? He wanted to escape his housemate's loud sex noises.

That's right, apparently someone took the 'mate' in 'housemate' a little too seriously. According to 9news, his was among 202 fines police have issued in the past 24 hours.

Source: CNN

When police questioned him, he said his housemate's partner had come over and the couple were being 'too loud in the bedroom', so he left to get some quiet time.

Source: 9news

Poor guy, some people can be so thoughtless!