With no transportation or means to get food, thousands of migrant workers are dangerously crossing river Yamuna at night to reach their homes in Bihar and UP.

A report from NDTV said that after repeated efforts of going back and living in shelter homes without food, many of these people have decided to take things upon themselves.

They cross the river from Yamunanagar, Haryana, at night to escape the scorching May heat but video footage shows that many are doing it at daytime as well.

Around 2,000 migrant workers have been crossing Yamuna.

NDTV talked to a 16-year-old daily wage worker Rahul, who said:

We didn't have money, police thrashed us on the road. That's why we are crossing the river at night. I will walk till Bihar.

In this connection, a video had emerged from Haryana a few days ago, and it showed the police thrashing migrant workers.

As of now, no policemen can be seen on the riverbank as thousands of people cross the river with their belongings. However, Saharanpur police has taken note of the matter.

Meanwhile, only help has come from villagers near Yamunanagar, who are giving the migrant workers food and water.

Video Source: NDTV