Aam Aadmi Party won the 2020 Delhi elections and Arvind Kejriwal is once again ready to form the government for the third time in a row.

According toΒ News18, right after the results were announced, a video of AAP supporters from Lucknow went viral where people can be seen dancing to the song.

Right after the party's victory announcement, AAP followers started searching for Manoj Tiwari's popular song and soon 'Rinkiya ke Papa' was trending on Google.

Google trends
Source: News18

Google trends clearly show that way more people searched for the song after AAP's victory in Delhi than they did during the entire campaign.Β 

It wasn't just the Google searches, more people watched the original YouTube video of the popular Bhojpuri song and it crossed 42 million views.

While we are not sure about Rinkiya Ke Papa, after the election results, BJP may not be Hee Hee Hee Hee Has Deli anymore.