Mountain climbers scaling Everest from the Chinese side can now enjoy 5G internet! According to Livemint, the world's highest altitude base station has started operation in Tibet with the aim of allowing mountaineers to communicate better. 

Source: US News

The base station, along with another two others built at altitudes of 5,300 metres and 5,800 metres respectively, get the full coverage of 5G signal of Mount Everest on the north ridge as well as the summit, the Chinese state media reported. 

Source: Telecoms

At the altitude of 5,300 metres, the 5G download speed will be in excess of 1.66 Gbps, where the upload speed will top 215 Mbps, it added.

Mind you, before you start celebrating the technological advancement, remember that you still have to move your phone around every time you want to get an OTP. Your mother's voice breaks every time you are on a call!

Source: India Today

So unless, you want to scale the highest peak in the world, which will require you to quit smoking and be at the peak of your own physical health, you and I will both be using the same old data pack.