NASA Astronaut, Scott Kelly looked like he enjoyed every one of the 340 days. And it has also meant that he has shared some pretty unique moments while he was up in the International Space Station. 

Check out some of the best moments right here: 

When the term ‘kadmo main duniya’ literally meant something for Kelly:

Window on the world. Good morning from @ISS! #YearInSpace #world #window #space #goodmorning

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It’s not everyday The President of US personally tweets to find out about your well being:

Halloween and Thanksgiving are celebrated even in space:

When a flower grew in space, he told us about it too:

And the time when you slightly got a glimpse of what India really looks like from space .

Kelly has safely landed on Earth but is presently unsteady since he has been living in space for a long time now.

Here are some more photos after his return.