Twitter witnessed a hashtag #Pray_for_Neasamani become a worldwide trend in a matter of hours. But just like me, a lot of people had no idea what this meant.

Turns out Neasamani is a Tamil is a legendary icon in Tamil pop culture. Contractor Neasamani is the name of a character played by comedian Vadivelu in a Tamil film named Friends.

Source: BBC

How it all started was that a Pakistani meme page called Civil Engineering Learners posted a picture of a hammer with the question -- "What is the name of the tool in your country?”

A fan of the iconic character commented on the post saying,

And that brought along other fans who joined in on the joke and asked questions like, "Is he okay?" and asked everyone to pray for him. The joke became so viral that it became the number one hashtag trending on Twitter worldwide.

 It got to the point that even celebrities and officials started tweeting about it.

Overenthusiastic fans even edited tweets from world leaders to make them look like they're also participating in praying for his 'well-being'.

Even brands joined in the fun.

The Tamilians definitely love their entertainers.