A day after the heartwarming story of  a Mumbai auto-rickshaw driver for whom netizens are raising money went viral, an amount of at least Rs 30,000 has already been raised for him. 

Mohammad Saeed, a resident of Versova in Mumbai who is forced to take his toddler son along with him in his auto-rickshaw while on duty can now pay for his wife’s treatment, thanks to the support from his well-wishers, reports Mumbai Mirror.

What was the story?

Saeed has been carrying his two-year-old son Muzammil because his wife Yasmin has been left paralysed by a stroke and is bed-ridden. He also has a three-month daughter, who is being taken care of by a neighbour. 

It all started when Saeed was spotted by film director Vinod Kapri on Sunday who tweeted the driver’s picture and mobile number so people can get in touch with they for help.

Since then, his picture has been shared across social media and help started pouring in from various quarters. People started offering donations and deposited money into their account.

An amount of more than Rs 30,000 has been raised till now and Saeed & his wife are thanking Kapri and all those who offered help.

ScoopWhoop News tried to get in touch with Saeed but his phone has been switched off for two days, which is not surprising given the number of people who must be trying to reach him for offering help.

Meanwhile, Kapri also has been thanking all those who championed for his cause: