The digital world mirrors the real world, and sometimes, even progresses farther on. This includes the way we communicate - emojis. 

And so, starting 2020, we are in for some new emojis that mirror the changing modern times.

Chatting using emojis
Source: Netvist

According to The Verge, the Unicode Consortium has revealed 117 new emojis that will be rolled out later this year as part of Emoji 13.0. 

As part of the update, you will be able to use 62 new emojis and 55 new gender and skin tone variants of emojis. 

New emojis expected to be launched
Source: The Verge

The date of the update reaching your mobile phones is still undecided but there are some interesting add-on emojis, which will make the users excited by giving them realistic emoji options. 

One such emoji will be the transgender flag emoji, which was proposed by Microsoft and Google. 

Transgender flag emoji
Source: Ad Week

The other famous emoji, doing the rounds online, is the hand gesture emoji used widely in Italy. 

This gesture, used to clarify or be sure about something, is the common way to confirm statements or orders given by someone in particular. 

Pinching hand emoji
Source: One Zero

Google particularly seemed interested in launching more gender-inclusive emojis and hence came up with the all-gender option for the "person in the veil" emoji, "person in tuxedo" emoji, etc. 

Even the "person feeding with a bottle" emoji will have all gender options for people to use. 

Set of new emojis to be launched soon
Source: The Verge

Proposing new emoji is not limited to Google, Microsoft and other big players in the market. 

Apparently the companies are inviting people to give new suggestions and the best ones will be included in the update.