Meet Trinamool Congress representatives, Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan, the actors-turned-MPs, who won from Jadavpur and Basirhat constituencies in West Bengal, respectively. 

Mimi uploaded pictures on Twitter, celebrating their first day at the Parliament.

Considering that our country has absolutely no pressing matters to voice as of now, some people took to Twitter to comment on their clothes.

Mimi and Nusrat have been subjected to ridicule and jibes, following the announcement of their candidacy. Some even reposted their TikTok videos with the objective to pull them down. 

Sexist digs at Indian women in politics is no news. From Priyanka Gandhi to Smriti Irani, women are subjected to crass comments- dissecting their choice of clothes, their previous careers, and what not.

Their appearances take the center of the stage and their work is relegated to the margins.

And this is when almost 50% of the MPs, this time, have criminal backgrounds. But, ‘western clothes’ demand our immediate attention. Duh.

The problem lies on the crossroads of two issues- sexism in Indian politics and the tendency to blame ‘westernisation’ for anything and everything. The latter constitutes a go-to digressive tactic to dismiss an issue at hand.

Thankfully, some netizens understood the sheer uselessness of this regressive criticism and called out the trolls.

Netizens also pointed out that the two young MPs represent their generation.

Now, can we, for once, judge women by the work that they do?