Self-proclaimed godman Swami Nithyananda has been on the run since November last year, after accusations of rape and child abuse against him became public. It was then claimed that he was living on his own island, and that Interpol had served a blue-corner notice against him. The who situation is borderline insane.

Source: News 18

Now, according to India Today, Karnataka Police has told Karnataka HC that they couldn't serve Nithyananda a notice as he is on a 'spiritual tour'. 

Since rumours of him hiding out in Belize or Ecuador came around, the Ministry of External Affairs cancelled his passport. The rape case against him dates back to 2010. Recently, the high court had asked the police to serve a notice to Nithyananda in a petition seeking the cancellation of his bail.

Source: Deccan Herald

Deputy Superintendent of Police Balraj B said they could not serve the notice directly to him as he was was not present at his Bidadi ashram and was on a spiritual tour. They served the notice to his aide Kumari Archananda instead.

Source: Deccan Herald

Further information on the case is awaited.