While there are many people who’ve considered religion to be the source of humanity’s problems, it appears that Iceland actually took a step against it – by declaring all religions as mental health disorders. 

Or so most people believed, after Patheos.com via Laughing in Disbelief published a satirical piece stating the same.


The piece, which was written by Andrew Hall, soon became viral on social media with people either appreciating the satire in it, or in some cases, even believing the story to be true. 

However, like all pieces published by Andrew Hall for Laughing in Disbelief, this too was a satirical piece. The site does clarify the same, even though it appears that not many people check for it. 

In fact, this isn’t even the first time that one such article has been considered to be factually accurate by people. 

Earlier, another article on Patheos by the same writer claimed that Iceland declared all religions as weapons of mass destruction. And that article was also widely circulated on social media and believed to be true. 

As they say, there is a little bit of truth in every humorous observation.