For the last 3 weeks, we have all been wondering who the next dictator of North Korea would be. We had all read reports the fact that Kim Jong-un was either dead or close to death.

And then we saw this.

Well, it turns out he’s at a fertilizer factory and very much not dead!

On Friday, the North Korean state radio reported that their Supreme Leader had participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new fertiliser plant. Two hours later, his first photos after the rumours began to surface. 

Mind you, we still don’t know where he went for 21 days and given that we don’t even know what North Korea even looks like, it is highly unlikely that we will ever know about his whereabouts. 

The Times

In 2014, he wasn’t seen in public for five weeks. At the time, people suspected that he was going through a hangover, suffering from gout or having been overthrown in a coup! Unfortunately for the North Koreans, none of that was true.