The high altitude regions of the earth Arctic and Antarctic — witness spectacular natural displays of light from the sky known as Northern Lights or Aurora. The phenomenon which occurs every eleven years is caused by the interaction of the solar wind — a stream of charged particles escaping the Sun — and Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere.

And guess what, our very own folks from tinsel town, Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Farah Khan and Rohit Shetty were party to the eye-catching experience, thanks to King Khan’s decision to shoot for Dilwale in Iceland.

Here is what ace film and fashion photographer, Avinash Gowariker tweeted which was re-tweeted by SRK:

Farah Khan was surely awestruck:

And now the video captured on Thursday, August 27, from Iceland:

Source: south music Vevo

Feature image source: Northern Lights Centre