As the years have passed, several different surveys have found that the Hong Kong population are more than a little reserved when it comes to matters of the erotic kind. Apparently, the Chinese youth are even more conservative about sex than their elders, which seems like a pretty counter intuitive situation. Either way, in order to free up those shackled pheromones, there’s now a festival happening there dedicated entirely to orgasms.

The Orgasmo festival in Hong Kong will celebrate sexual pleasure, orgasms and bondage.

Source: Facebook

To say the Hong Kong people at large are reticent about sex would be an understatement. A simple look at their porn laws should give you a good idea however. This is why the alternative ‘movie theater’ and event company Goooood Secrets has planned this full fledged extravaganza, to get people to open up and recognise their own sensuality. They hope to bring back the glory days of Hong Kong porn cinemas. “On-screen nudity wasn’t a big deal back then, but most people nowadays consider Category III movies as outrageous. Who says movies about sex are not good ones? The time has come for us to open up the dialogue about sex.”

The festival will be held at a secret venue, can accomodate 1000 people and will feature a ‘sensual dance’, a demonstration of shibari, the Chinese art of bondage, and a screening of a women-centric porn film. Here’s a little promo video!