Pakistan is facing an enormous climate catastrophe. The devastating floods have rendered millions of people homeless while destroying properties and taking thousands of lives. 

Pakistan’s Climate Change minister, Sherry Rehman, calls the calamity a “climate-induced humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.” It has affected more than a third of the country. 


Amid the floods, some horrific satellite images of Pakistan have surfaced online reflecting a whole bunch of land as a lake from space. 

Imagine one in every seven Pakistani is affected by the disastrous floods, with over 33 million lives impacted. 

Pakistan needs support from people around the world. This man on Twitter has shared reliable links to the places where you can go and contribute. Every big and small donation helps! 

Climate catastrophe is real. Climate change is real. These devastating floods in Pakistan are a reminder that we need to be taking our environment seriously. 

Pakistan is in a state of humanitarian crisis. Let’s talk about this, and do our best to help the people impacted.