The Pakistan government may not be directly confronting India over the recent surgical strikes, but it seems that cross-border hackers are trying hard to avenge it.

On Monday, alleged Pakistani hackers broke into the National Green Tribunal’s website and posted anti-India content on it. And it has now emerged that some hacker groups are “irritating” Indian pilots by playing Pakistani patriotic songs to them as aircrafts operate near the Line of Control in Jammu.

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The hackers reportedly tap into the frequency on which pilots communicate with Jammu air traffic control (ATC), block it and transmit Pakistani songs. 

The result? 

Songs like ‘Dil, dil Pakistan, jaan jaan Pakistan‘ play out in the cockpits much to the irritation of pilots, reports The Times of India.

A pilot told the newspaper that it has been happening for some time now and is a “big irritant” because the aircrafts are often in the final stage of landing.

So how are pilots dealing with all this? After the frequency is tapped into, they communicate through the IAF-run Northern Control in Udhampur, which calls up the Jammu tower on the landline and given them alternate frequencies. The pilots then talk to Jammu ATC on that frequency.

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Reportedly that is why the Jammu ATC frequency is changed very frequently. The hackers, thankfully, aren’t so fast quick enough to keep pace.