A 17-year-old rape survivor from Pune, whose father had moved the Bombay High Court with a plea to abort her 26-week-old foetus, delivered a baby boy at Pune’s Sassoon Hospital on Friday, Pune Mirror reported

However, despite her will to raise the child, her parents have decided to put the baby up for adoption at SoFoSH, a non-profit organisation.

According to the girl’s parents, they would have reconsidered the girl’s request to keep the baby, provided the father of the child, Prashant Sarwade, had shown interest in raising the child with her. The minor’s parents claim that Sarwade had not approached them or tried to contact his daughter, thus showing his lack of interest.

The survivor and the accused were on the run a few months ago and had a small marriage ceremony in Solapur. Following this, the girl’s father registered a complaint against the guy and brought the minor back home with help from the police.

According to an Indian Express report, the minor’s father had petitioned the Bombay HC after she got pregnant. He had claimed that the court cannot force the pregnancy on her if she wants to terminate it.

Feature image source: PTI