Coronavirus has brought around a paradigm shift in every form of daily life we knew as routine. Among them has also been our jobs, many of which have had to adapt to a home-style arrangement. This has given rise to worries about decreased output.

However, according to a study by Université de Montréal, many employees feel that they are actually more productive working from home.

75% of the respondents were women, while 25% were men, mostly from Quebec in Canada.

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Researchers asked 1,614 people about how they’ve adapted to working from home, and one-third of them said their workflow and output is better than when they were in office.

70% of people were working in public sectors. 85% of people were over 40 years old, and 85% possessed a university degree. More than half of the participants in the study are teleworking with another person at home.


According to the respondents, they were able to manage their time better and get their work done on time. They also claimed they would prefer to continue working from home after lockdown ends.