Rebellions sound exciting even though sometimes they might not work in your favour. But that can’t stop us from having some fun, can it?

But our jobs are a huge obstacle in letting us have some fun whenever we want to. That led to someone creating an event on Facebook titled ‘Leave work and go to the beer garden, they can’t sack all of us’.


More than a 100,000 people have shown interest in the event and clearly, this seems like a tempting idea to all us barely functional adults.

The event is created by the Facebook group ‘The Sesh’ and it is supposed to happen on August 19. While no one is sure if it is going to be an actual event, it does appear like a ‘revolution’ of sorts. 

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This does bring a sense of nostalgia and takes me back to my ‘mass bunk’ days; when everyone in the class decided to not show up and the teachers would be super annoyed. 

Also, there was always that one first-bencher who would ditch the rest of us and get everyone in trouble. I’m sure there are ‘first-benchers’ in our offices too so be careful before actually going ahead with this plan.

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And of course, netizens had to react to this.

I’m not suggesting that anyone should skip work and head to a beer garden instead. But convincing your boss to let you and your teammates have an afternoon off does sound like a much-needed outing.