A new theory is making rounds in the scientific community and stirring everyone up. The theory states that life began on Earth after a planet, the size of Mars, collided with the Earth. And the theory has been backed up by some of the most intelligent minds of the planet.

According to Eureka Alert, the researchers claim that life on Earth came from another planet. The planet smashed into our Earth and eventually became the moon. 

And it suddenly sounds like every mythology ever sans the mention of heavenly beings.

Well, that is what their comprehensive research has dug up. And that could mean that you, me, and everyone around are alien life forms.

So, the shocking discovery was published yesterday in Science Advances

It pointed at the fact that the essential ‘ingredients’ for life to evolve on Earth were deposited here after a giant planet smashed into our planet. 

This happened when the solar system was still being formed.


Their claims were backed by computer simulations which confirmed that the debris left behind after the impact deposited essential life-giving elements like carbon and nitrogen.

Daily Express

And the remnant of the planet coalesced to form the moon which now joyously spins around the Earth.


And there you have it, another theory which explains how it all began.