Aatma + Nirbhar = Soul + Dependent

= Dependent on oneself.

You’re welcome.

Since last night, millions of Indians have been searching for this word on the internet after PM Modi made it a thing in his speech.

And suddenly aatmanirbhar became a trend.

A shaadi/relationship requirement.

And an overall life skill.

Aatmanirbhar is the new sundar & shusheel.

Which is great, because I have been self-dependent my entire life and this might just increase my appeal.

I am the youngest in the family so I wasn’t just aatmanirbhar myself, but also helped others with their ‘fake aatmanirbharta’. Getting stuff for my brother while he watched TV, you know? Stuff like that.


And even when I grew up and moved out of the house, I did everything myself (because I didn’t have money but no one needs to know that).

I wash my clothes myself, I cook myself, clean myself: Being broke really makes you self-sufficient, I can vouch for that.

For me, even the lockdown is like normal life, because I am aatmanirbhar with or without it.

Years from now, it will be the first word in marriage advertisements.

And it will be first thing they ask you during an interview.

How aatmanirbhar do you feel you’ll be in 5 years?

Better prepare an answer for that. This can be a trick question. 

Aatmanirbhar is a vision. 

I feel we can create an equal society if we show seriousness towards it for a long period of time.

Husband expects you to cook when you’re both equally tired? 

Boss keeps giving you work they were supposed to do? 

One word to solve all your problems: Aatmanirbharta. Aap khud kar lo na bhai, kisne roka hai?

It can backfire also in some cases. I mean, we are all a bit entitled, nahin?

Ye roz-roz aatmanirbhar hona thoda mushkil ho jaaye shayad. 

But for aatmanirbhar folks like me, no mountain is too high. Our time has come, we are finally the cool ones.