The coronavirus pandemic requires a globally-coordinated response. Keeping this in view, PM Modi recently held a video conference with Bill Gates.


The aim of the meeting was to discuss the global response to COVID-19. 

In the conference, both of them agreed that it was important for New Delhi to be included in the global discussions for coordinating responses to the pandemic.

PM Modi also talked about India's approach in fighting the health crisis.

As per sources, he explained how people-centric bottom-up approach has helped win acceptability for physical distancing, respect for front-line workers, wearing of masks, maintaining proper hygiene, and other lockdown provisions.

Appreciating the work done by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the health sector around the world, PM Modi also sought suggestions from Mr. Gates to improve India's capabilities in the same.

The two parties also discussed India’s massive pharmaceutical capacity to scale-up the production of vaccines and therapeutics upon their discovery.

Source: Zee News

Concluding the meeting, PM Modi also assured Mr. Gates that India would be happy to contribute to research and analysis in this fight against the coronavirus.