The BJP hasn’t been one to depend on facts when it comes to delivering speeches and the PM is no different. 


From saying climate change doesn’t exist to telling people that Ganesha’s elephant head was the first act of plastic surgery, he’s said it all. 

Economic Time

Yesterday, he addressed the Lok Sabha in an hour-long speech attacking the usual suspects, Congress and the Left. He also spoke about the CAA and the revocation of Article 370 which gave Jammu and Kashmir a special status under the constitution.

Indian Express

During the speech, he attributed a quote to former CM Omar Abdullah (who’s been on a house arrest for 6 months) and said: ‘the abrogation of Article 370 will bring a massive earthquake that it will divide Kashmir from India’. 

This was later tweeted by the BJP’s official handle. 

If you have the patience, you can watch the hour-long speech here. 

Anyhow, Alt News has pointed out that Omar Abdullah had never uttered those words but the popular satirical website, Faking News had.

If you still think this is some weird ‘Liberal’ thing we are making up, here’s a screenshot from the article

Faking news

BTW, this article is 6 years old. So it came out during the same time Modiji started the ‘Ache Din’ slogan and has nothing to do with the truth. 


How the PM got there, we don’t know. But he seriously needs to figure out what to do his ‘fact-checking’ team because their work lately has been extremely shoddy.