Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a video with peacocks at his official residence, yesterday, 23rd August. In the 1.47- minute video, he was seen strolling around in the garden and feeding a peacock.

The video was posted on all his social media accounts along with a poem dedicated to the national bird of India.

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भोर भयो, बिन शोर, मन मोर, भयो विभोर, रग-रग है रंगा, नीला भूरा श्याम सुहाना, मनमोहक, मोर निराला। रंग है, पर राग नहीं, विराग का विश्वास यही, न चाह, न वाह, न आह, गूँजे घर-घर आज भी गान, जिये तो मुरली के साथ जाये तो मुरलीधर के ताज। जीवात्मा ही शिवात्मा, अंतर्मन की अनंत धारा मन मंदिर में उजियारा सारा, बिन वाद-विवाद, संवाद बिन सुर-स्वर, संदेश मोर चहकता मौन महकता।

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While some people applauded the PM for his beautiful poetry and the video with peacocks…

… others outrightly criticised him for ignoring hundreds of other problems our nation is facing right now.

According to reports, PM Modi has placed Chabootras at his residencewhere birds can make their nests and come to feed.

What are your thoughts about the video?