According to a report from the national carrier, the government of India owes an outstanding cash amount of  1146 for VVIP Chartered Flights.

Source: DNA India

The Report suggests that the Defence Ministry has outstanding bills of  ₹ 211.17 crores, Cabinet Secretariat and PMO ₹ 543.18 Crore and External Affairs Ministry ₹ 392.33 Crore.       

Air India has published that some of the oldest outstanding bills have been nearly ten-year-old which includes visits from the President, Vice President, and that evacuation flights.      


Source: Wikipedia

The outstanding bills have risen from ₹ 325 crores since January 31st, 2019 to ₹1146 now.        

The already cash strapped Air India has been under heavy debt of more than ₹50 Crores and has been selling properties in a bid to pay off debts.