Despite getting clearance for a nationwide release from the Supreme Court, controversies around Padmaavat don’t seem to be ending any time soon. 

Hindustan Times

As per a report from NDTV, police arrested the president of the Chittorgarh unit of Karni Sena, Govind Singh Khangarot, from his house today. 


He had threatened that 1900 women are ready to commit jauhar to oppose the release of the movie. 

Police also arrested the vice president of the unit, Kamlendu Singh Solanki at 11 pm. 


“Police are trying their best to curb our protest,” said Rajpratap Singh, state media in charge of Karni Sena, according to the NDTV report. 

“We are not being allowed to take out a rally or stage protest. There is nakabandi all around and strict police arrangements have been made in this town,” he added. 

The Hindu

Earlier, a senior spokesperson of the Karni Sena from Chittorgarh had said, “If we want, we can choose violent ways and disturb people and tourists. However, on the contrary, our women have decided to opt for jauhar (mass immolation) without disturbing anyone”.


Padmaavat  is scheduled to release tomorrow and we hope that these protests stop soon and people see the movie for what it is.