Karnataka Minister Tanvir Sait was facing criticism for allegedly watching porn on his phone during an event. But it is now turns out that the education minister was allegedly looking at the photographs of US president-elect’s wife Melania Trump. 

 The incident took place on November 10 during an event to mark Tipu Sultan Jayanti in Raichur. Sait, who is the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education was reportedly surfing through pictures of Melania Trump who is a former supermodel. 


“Among the many messages sent to the minister’s WhatsApp account, Melania photographs, too, popped up on the screen,” a senior police officer told The Times of India.

The video was telecast by Kannada TV channels which showed him purportedly surfing through the obscene pictures. After the news broke out, leaders from the opposition parties like BJP and JDS called the incident ‘shameful’ and demanded his resignation.

Sait, however, brushed off the allegations and welcomed any inquiry into the matter. He also filed a complaint with the cybercrime cell in Karnataka Police against the cameraman and reporters of the channel which recorded the incident.