People are known to go out of their way to follow their passion. However, this Pakistani popcorn-seller’s story takes the cake.

Muhammad Fayyaz, a popcorn-seller is the latest talk of the town ever since he accomplished his childhood dream of building an airplane on his own.

Gulf News

According to reports, his only help was online videos and tutorials on how to build an airplane. On top of that, the airplane is made up of unconventional materials — engine from a road cutter, burlap wings and wheels from a rickshaw.

Deccan Chronicle

Reportedly, Muhammad saved up through his popcorn selling and his job as a security guard to make his childhood dream come true. Apparently, he also sold off a piece of his family property and took a loan of Rs 50,000 from a micro-finance NGO.


But his dream of flying the airplane hasn’t come true yet since he was arrested when tried to fly his homemade airplane, which was also taken into police custody.

Reports also added that the Pakistani Air Force took notice of Muhammad’s invention and visited him twice. They also awarded him with a certificate in appreciation of his passion and dexterity for his ‘mini-basic aeroplane’.

Daily Times

He’s also trying to raise funds from well-wishers so that he could actually fly the airplane one day.