In the middle of a nationwide lockdown, Indian Railways delivered 20 litres of camel milk to a family in Mumbai after a woman tweeted about its unavailability for her three-and-a-half-year-old autistic child. 

The tweet was directed to the PM which mentioned how her child is allergic to cow goat and buffalo milk. She added that there wasn’t enough camel milk to last the entire 21-day nationwide lockdown. 

The tweet went viral and many users gave several suggestions. Among them was, IPS officer Arun Bothra who contacted Advik Foods, the first brand of camel milk products in the country based in Rajasthan and the company offered camel milk to the child. 

TT Gasia

Chief Passenger Traffic Manager, North Western Railway (NWR) added, 

After taking permission from the appropriate authority, the train was stopped and the camel milk was delivered to the woman at Bandra. For us at the Indian Railways, this is not the time to look at commercial gains. We have been asked to help out wherever possible in whichever way we can. Our (NWR) trains run through 18 districts of the country and we will do whatever is needed to help people out. 

In less than a week’s time, Bothra tweeted about this deed by the Indian railways and how they also delivered the milk to another person in need of it. 

Twitter too praised this effort. 

Where there is a will, there is a way.