This week, Rajasthan the state of deserts and sand dunes was greeted with a hailstorm. As a result, there was a layer of snow over the sand and now the desert looks like a winter wonderland. 

Situated between Jodhpur and Bikaner, the town of Nagaur received bucketloads of hailstorm painting the entire town white and chilly. Netizens share pictures of  the snow capped desert: 

Even though the snowy, picturesque scenery of Nagaur is breathtaking ,we should not forget that snowfall in a dry state like Rajasthan that barely receives any rainfall is an alarming sign of climate change.   

The hailstorm has caused some damage to the crops along with injuring birds and animals. Reportedly, it is the first time that the region has witnessed hailstorms of such magnitude.