Weddings are special and everything holds a meaning. And, it’s almost difficult to choose an appropriate gift for that ‘yaar ki shaadi’. But, it looks like a group of friends from Gujarat’s Rajkot have figured that out as well.

This group got their friend lemons, in a wedding ceremony that took place in Rajkot’s Dharoji town – given that the prices of lemons are soaring in the country.

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At this time, the prices of lemons in the state and the country have gone up a lot. There is a lot of need for lemons this season. That’s why, I have presented lemons.

-Dinesh to ANI

People also reacted to this unique wedding gift:

The high demand for lemons has led to a rise in prices with even wholesale rates reaching as high as ₹200 per kg. The steepest hike among vegetables was seen in the prices of lemon and chilies. This is also due to a shortage in supply. Of course, the internet hasn’t been calm since the surge in prices. As a result, memes also took over Twitter. And well, they were funny.

This is not the first time when friends put a lot of thought into wedding gifts. A couple in Tamil Nadu was recently gifted petrol and diesel, amid a hike in prices.

The nimbu-mirchi duo might just be the best gift right now. Take notes, people.