The water problem in India is clear and present – Chennai is in a crisis with most of its water sources drying up. There have also been reports that 21 Indian cities including Delhi and Bangalore will run out of groundwater by 2020.

Despite this urgent situation however, a recent Rajya Sabha debate on the water crisis saw practically no attendance. One Twitter user shared a picture of the dismal debate.

Considering how serious the situation is, it’s extremely distressing to see that our lawmakers are taking things so lightly instead of finding a solution to the problem. T K Rangarajan of the CPI-M said,

Most of the Chennai population today depends on water tankers, municipal supply and private supply for drinking water. A tank of private water costs more than one gram of gold. Now gold is cheaper in Chennai than water. This is the truth. 

If Chennai is any example to go by, it’s high time we wake up and try to solve this crisis. Otherwise pretty soon, the demand will exceed the supply.