The Internet is brimming with incels and random sexist douchebags filled with spite and a problematic mindset. They’d spill any filth that comes to their mind rather than admit they are one. You see, their frivolous ego is made of delicate glass that shatters with one touch. Their akad is much, much, much bigger than their take on morality, which I presume doesn’t exist.

Speaking of akad and morality, a woman has made a perfect video on how random men on the Internet end up projecting their insecurities on a woman rather than admitting they’re wrong. People are hailing the reel, which is going viral on Twitter.

These self-proclaimed saviours of patriarchal morality can’t handle seeing women comfortable in their own skin and sexuality. So they troll her cos that’s how their chests swell with pride. By winning a one-sided battle with their own problematic heads.

Here’s how people are applauding the video.


What a mind-blowing truth-bomb this was!