In a bid to rescue her husband, a heroic woman in Chattisgarh trekked for four days in the forest to find her policeman husband, and pursued his naxal captors to free him. 

Sunita Kattam told PTI that when her husband, Santosh Kattam, a constable at the Bhopalpatnam police station in Bijapur was kidnapped, she couldn't sit back and do nothing. 

Source: The Hindu
He left house on the evening of May 4 to buy groceries and did not return. I decided not to think too much and made efforts on my own to free him. We rode on motorcycles and walked through rough terrain for four days before finding the naxals who had abducted my husband on May 10. 

                    - Sunita Kattam

Source: madhyamat

Once she got to know what his fate was, Sunita on May 6 began her journey along with her 14-year-old daughter, a local journalist and some villagers to rescue her husband in the densely forested area. Living in the Jagargunda area in the neighbouring Sukma district, Sunita was no stranger to naxal activities. 

The villagers and I persuaded naxals to release him. A woman can go to any lengths to safeguard her husband. 

                    - Sunita Kattam

The Maoists held a 'Jan-adalat' (kangaroo court) to decide Santosh's fate, which is where Sunita saw her husband for the first time in six days. She and the villagers were quick to persuade the naxals to free her husband. 

Source: Livemint

Inspector General of Police (Bastar Range), Sundarraj P said that after receiving news of the abduction, they were trying to trace him through various sources. But they did not launch an operation due to fear that the naxals may harm Santosh. 

Feature credit - TOI