Remember the viral photograph of Arshad Khan, a chaiwala from Pakistan who took the internet by storm with his good looks, four years ago in 2016?

Yes, this one.

Wondering, where he is and what he has been up to?

Well, after trending on the internet and gaining popularity worldwide, Arshad has now established his own chai café in Islamabad.

The name of the café, you ask? It's Café Chaiwala Roof Top. Arshad is one of those who used his popularity wisely to do better things in life. During an interview, he said: 

Many people asked me to name my café as Arshad Khan and told me to change the current name. But I refused because ‘Chaiwala’ is my identity.

The interiors of his newly opened café is quite interesting. It has several desi elements like kites, desi tables and chairs and paintings placed in and around the eatery.

Apart from tea, there are 15-20 items on the menu right now but, he intends on adding more items in the near future. These days, Arshad spends most of his time at the café and is simultaneously trying to complete his other pending projects in the field of entertainment.

The internet was extremely happy to hear about his new project. They wished him luck and success in life. 

Arshad Khan was spotted by Jiah Ali, a professional photographer in September 2016.