You’ve probably seen/heard about Inception, the film directed by Christopher Nolan but, since this is 2020 and anything is possible, we present to you desi Inception directed by, none other than, Arnab Goswami and his news channel Republic TV. Confused?

Well, recently Republic TV reported this- “Rhea Chakraborty watching Rhea Chakraborty on Republic TV”. Get it?

Basically, Republic TV reported about Rhea Chakraborty watching herself on Republic TV (I’ll wait till you are able to wrap your head around this). And within minutes, the video of the news clip went viral on the internet. 

People on the internet just couldn’t get over the fact that Republic TV was spying on Rhea watching their news channel and they were recording the entire scene and live streaming it. 

Storytelling skills toh koi inse seekhe. Yeh chal kya raha hai?