Rohith Vemula would have been 31 today. Somewhere he is.

The scholar, whose suicide in 2016, sparked a chain of events across the country, would have been celebrating his birthday today – and people have not forgotten that.

The Wire

Least of all, his mother.

In a tweet posted today, she wrote that if it were possible, she’d go to the stars where Rohith is now, and that would be enough – even if it were for a few moments.

And that led to a chain of comments from her people remembering Rohith and his unfortunate demise.

Rohith committed suicide in 2016, leaving behind a suicide note, in which he said his birth is a ‘fatal accident’. Since then, he has become a symbol of unity for people fighting the caste system and everything that’s wrong about it.

Wherever you are Rohith, we hope you rest in peace.