Shaming a woman for her choice of clothes is what people in India have been doing for quite some time and without feeling an ounce of shame. 

Another case popped up, this time with a woman in Chennai. 

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The woman, working with a software firm, was allegedly asked to dress properly and then come back for the driving test. 

According to News18, she had gone to the RTO office in K.K Nagar wearing a sleeveless top and jeans. 


If that wasn’t upsetting enough, an RTO official said this to make matters more troublesome for the government body. He had claimed after the incident and said: 

What is wrong in asking people who come here to be attired properly as they would while going to their own office. Whether it is men or women, the general advice is to come dressed in proper clothes. It is not moral policing. 

Apparently, another woman wearing a Capri was sent back home. 

Despite no dress code for driving license applicants, such cases have been reported and people have been asked multiple times to come ‘properly dressed’.