In what seems to be good news for the world, Russia has claimed to have developed the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine offering sustainable immunity.  

Indian Express

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke during a televised conference with his ministers and said

This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered. 

The Rusian President also said that one of his daughters had taken the vaccine too. 

“One of my daughters had this vaccine. I think in this sense she took part in the experiment.

-Vladimir Putin.

Russia is known to have been pushing hard for a vaccine and earlier this month the government had said that it hoped to launch mass production within weeks and turn out ‘several million’ doses per month by next year.

This news has brought in an array of reactions on Twitter. 

Last week, WHO had urged Russia to follow established guidelines and go ‘through all the stages’ necessary to develop a vaccine that is safe for mass use.