Sabyasachi may be the most favourite bridal-designer out there, but his recent statements have been less than favourable. 

In a recent Instagram post, Sabyasachi has talked about his views on women who appear to be ‘over-dressed’,  and has gone out to call them ‘wounded’. The post further talks about how such women need to be ‘healed’ by giving them empathy and ‘precious company’. 

 In another post, he even said women use jewellery to fill in the gaps and the silences in their lives. 

The Instagram post has made him the target for the collective outrage of the internet about these skewed views, and people were quick to call him out on the misogynistic tones in the message.

In an attempt to clarify the message behind his blanket statement, Sabyasachi has issued an apology on his Instagram for his message. 

In context to this post, the designer also put up a statement on the brand’s story. The statement reads,  

I acknowledge the feedback we have received regarding the statements made in our recent Instagram presentation. We hear you and although it was intended as a message of love and empathy and a call to look beyond exterior appearances, it wasn’t articulated correctly. I understand that it does not convey the message appropriately at all and for that, I would like to accept blame and offer an unconditional apology. 

Regards, Sabyasachi.

People have spoken out in response to his statement, calling the apology a poor attempt at damage control. Comments and tweets have been pouring in.