All hopes of this Kashmiri family have been dashed to ground. The only person who came to help them in the last eight years has been convicted for five years of imprisonment. This family saw a ray of hope when a truck load of bricks and sand unloaded in their yard and a job was promised to their grandson. The extended family of six people are again at the crossroads.The 75-year old Zainab Begum prayed all night at revered Ashmuqam shrine for Salman Khan’s acquittal in the hit and run case, but on Wednesday (May 6, 2015), things turned around. Image source: indiadailynewsblog5

Salman had recently met the family at Pahalgam in Kashmir and had promised all help. "He promised to pay Rs 50,000 outstanding power tariff and construction of our house. In fact some truckloads of bricks, stones other construction material had already been unloaded in our courtyard," Gowhar Ahmad, grandson of Zainab told The Indian Express .Ahmad had quit studies because of abject poverty. He has three sisters younger to him who dropped out too since their father died of an accident leaving them without any support.Source: The Indian Express

"We have no income to sustain. But Salman had given us a hope. He promised a job for me. In fact I worked for couple of days with his shooting crew. He had promised to take me to Mumbai for job," said Ahmad, adding, he feels like he has become orphaned again. The family had heard about the philanthropic work of Salman but they could never get a chance to meet the Bollywood superstar until last month. Zainab along with her two granddaughters went to meet him at his hotel during the shooting of Bajrangi Bhaijaan in Pahalgam. She stopped Salman’s vehicle prompting the actor to alight and meet the widow.

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Feature image source: Greater Kashmir