That Sanjay Dutt has a past of substance abuse is universal knowledge. The actor has openly admitted to having used drugs earlier.

But at the recently concluded India Today Conclave, the actor revealed the disturbing reason behind why he confided about his drug addiction in his father.

According to a report by India Today, the actor in a chat with Rajdeep Sardesai admitted to using Lysergic acid diethylamide (commonly known as LSD) and revealed a disturbing detail about the hallucinatory effect of the drug.

“I started doing drugs after my mother passed away. One drug led to another. I used to fall asleep anywhere. My poor father just couldn’t understand what was happening.” the actor said.

Till one day, the actor hallucinated that there was a wick on his father’s head that was melting his face and tried to extinguish the ‘flames’ much to his father’s horror.

That was when the actor realised that the situation had gone out of control and confided in his father about his drug habits who promptly sent him to a rehab.

The actor also stated that he’s been off drugs for the past 40 years. Check out an excerpt from the interview right here.