The Supreme Court, bringing massive relief to the people of Kashmir, has brought an end to months of internet and communication lockdown. 

Claiming that indefinite internet shutdown is an abuse of power and fundamental rights, the court asked the administration to review all restrictive orders within a week. 

Asserting that mere expression of dissent or disagreement against a government decision cannot become the reason to suspend internet, the court issued a statement that said: 

Suspension of free movement, Internet and basic freedoms cannot be an arbitrary exercise of power. Suspending internet should be reviewed forthwith. Such suspension can only be for a limited time period and is subject to judicial review. 
Al Jazeera

A three-judge bench asked the government to consider restoring government websites and e-facilities where the abuse is minimal. 

A complete ban on internet must be a way only during extraordinary conditions, the court believed. 


Justice NV Ramanna, while reading out the judgement, began by quoting the famous beginning from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities

The court criticized the government’s overuse of Section 144a, something used in the colonial era to ban large gatherings. 


The three-judge bench, that included Justice R Subhash Reddy and Justice BR Gavai, concluded by stating: 

Our limited concern is to find a balance regarding security and liberty of people. We only here to ensure citizens are provided their rights. We will not delve into the political intent behind the orders given.

The review of the lockdown will follow route and the people of Kashmir finally have something to look forward to after months of blanket ban.