Five Dehradun boys, aged between 11 to 15 years old, had reportedly run away from home because their parents did not allow them to play PUBG.


The 5 kids, one of whom was a Class 10 student and the rest were from Class 7 were then rescued from Delhi 5 days later and were brought home safely on Wednesday. 

India Today

According to the Times of India, the matter had come to light after Rajpur police station had received 5 such separate missing person complaints. The police said that they were struck by the similarity of the cases, including the fact that 4 of these kids were from the same locality. 

Caravan Daily

The police then questioned the parents and found out that all of them had asked their kids not to play online games. 

Business Today

After fleeing, the minors had tried to contact their relatives and friends. The police then worked on the initial clues and found them.