After several months of lockdown, Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park near Tokyo re-opened in June with certain guidelines in place to ensure safety of the people amid the pandemic. 

Apart from making social distancing and face masks compulsory, the theme park has asked roller coaster riders not to scream and instead, have been told to “scream inside your heart.”

Riders are being encouraged to do so to minimise the risk of spreading droplets around in view of Covid-19 fears. But, that’s not all. Thrill seekers have also been asked to put on their ‘most serious’ face for the ride photo.

And, they have been asked to share their photos online as part of the #KeepASeriousFace challenge. Why? Because, those who perform the best will be given free day passes. 

Here are pictures of some of the successful attempts. 

Apparently, the challenge will go on until July 17 so, if you’re in Japan and you think you can handle the pressure, this is your chance to shine. 

As of now, Japan has reported over 20,370 COVID-19 cases and over 980 deaths. Restrictions in Japan have been eased since May as the number of cases were brought under control.