Do you know a woman or are one who carries a pepper spray, knife or a taser in her bag? Ever since the December 16, 2012 gang rape, India contributed towards the pepper spray industry widely. There were a few apps launched too that weren’t very feasible, for example in a low balance, low battery or a non-smartphone scenario for ensuring safety.

Dr. Pavan Kohli has developed a new weapon, named Samiidha Bhavani , to keep women safe. It is a collapsible baton that combines a sword design, stun gun, pepper spray, panic button, pen knife, sewing kit, vermillion powder and mirror, as reported by WSJ in this video .

Ironically, the device’s name – Samiidha Bhavani – translates to ‘an offering for sacred fire’ and ‘the goddess of valour’, which unfortunately brings us back to the age old, very damaging mental make-up of mystifying the status of our women – from a goddess to a victim.

We are not sure what purpose the vermillion powder will serve when under a state of threat or attack. The price, aimed at as high as a 1000 rupees, is expensive for an average Indian to afford, considering the device has been created with a vision to keep ALL women safe.

Is this device a necessity in India now? If yes, do you think it is feasible?

Feature image source: The Wall Street Journal video