Until now, we have seen videos of people having food and whatnot during TV news debates but with most things moving online due to the pandemic, there are new surprises every day. 

I am hinting at a recent hearing of Rajasthan High Court where lawyer Rajeev Dhavan was seen enjoying hookah. 

No joke, here’s the video of the same.

Hiding his face behind papers, Rajeev Dhavan tried to have a few drags, but forgot, I am assuming that the smoke can fly. For a split second, he can also be seen holding the nozzle of hookah as other lawyers like Kapil Sibal continue speaking in the court of Justice Mahendra Kumar Goyal. 

The hearing was regarding 6 BSP MLAs merging with the Indian National Congress, and the video of it went viral soon after.

According to The Indian Express, Justice Mahendra Kumar Goyal later advised Dhavan to quit smoking, and apparently he told him that he shall.

Earlier, a lawyer had turned up in a vest for an online hearing of the Rajasthan High Court. Following which, the judge had ordered that the lawyers should make sure they look presentable during virtual proceedings.