Are you a dude? And have things not exactly been working out too well in the nether areas? Well now there’s no need to fret, because in the world of start-ups, there’s something for pretty much every man’s needs. In this case however, while the end product may promise a healthy sexual existence, the path to it is paved with ugly faux-leather humiliation.

A start-up called VylyV (vill-live) recently unveiled their master plan – a pair of shorts! Not just any old shorts however, these bad boys record your movements throughout the day, sending that info to an app that specifically designs workout plans meant to improve your pelvic muscles (=better sex apparently).

Basically, it tells you how and why to do a bunch of kegels (butt exercises) which in turn help improve blood flow to the sex organs. They look like regular, slightly cheesy biker shorts, and claim that “pelvic exercises strongly affect erection quality, prostate and urinary tract health.”

Also, they claim it can help guys achieve multiple orgasms, something I thought nigh impossible! Either way, watch their promotional video below, and judge for yourself.